A Variety of Chillled Mezze

Choice of Three Small Plates Served with A Pita $16
A La Carte $6

Israeli Salad

Middle Eastern Pickles

Spiced Beets over Labneh


Za'atar Olives

House Marinated Feta


Garlic Roasted Tomatoes over Labneh

Shuk Tabbouleh


Served with A Pita & Crudite


Hummus #1

Hummus topped with Spiced Chickpeas, Olive Oil, Smoked Paprika & Parsley (VG) (GF)


Hummus #2

Hummus topped with Chicken Shawarma, Harissa Honey & Crispy Sumac Onions



Blend of Roasted Red Peppers, Walnuts & Pomegranate Molasses (VG)


Whipped Feta

Feta Dip with Crushed Pistachios & Pomegranate Honey




Romaine Blend, Sliced Radish, Scallion, Israeli Salad, Toasted Pita, Mint & Sumac Vinaigrette (VG)


Mediterranean Cobb

Marinated Feta, Spiced Chickpeas, Israeli Salad, Hard Boiled Egg, & Green Goddess Dressing (V) (GF)

* Choice of Chicken or Falafel


Tabbouleh Beet & Halloumi

Spiced Roasted Beets, House Made Bulgur Tabbouleh, Fried Halloumi Cheese, Toasted Almonds, Orange Slices & Sumac Vinaigrette (V)


Kibbutz Harvest Salad

Corn Schnitzel, Corn & Carrot Slaw, Walnuts, Mixed Greens, with Sumac Vinaigrette and Green Tahina (VG) (GF)

In a Pita or a Bowl

Choice of Protein or Veggie

Choice of Cous Cous, Rice (GF), Spring Mix , or in a Pita

Topped with Hummus, Israeli Salad, & Pickled Cabbage


Chicken Shwarma

Boneless Chicken Thighs in a Preserved Lemon, Paprika & Garlic Marinade (GF)

Green (Herbaceous, Lemon, Spiced) OR Red (Sweet Heat)


Doner Kebab

Skewered and Grilled Spiced Lamb with Spicy Schug Sauce (GF)



Chickpea and Herb Fritters with Tahina (VG) (GF)


Seasonal Veggie

Marinated Seasonal Veggie & Green Goddess Dressing (VG) (GF)




Pita filled with Fried Eggplant, Tahini Egg Salad, Harissa Chili Paste, Mango Amba Sauce, & Israeli Salad (V)


Roasted Butternut Squash

Pita filled with Roasted Spiced Butternut Squash, Grilled Halloumi Cheese, Toasted Walnuts, & Sumac Vinaigrette Dressed Arugula (V)


Two Eggs Poached in a Stew of Spicy Tomatoes & Peppers (V) (GF)

Served with a Side of Pita




Spinach & Feta

Adds Ons & Sauces

Add Ons

Chicken Shwarma +$4
Lamb Kebab +$6
Falafel +$4
Marinated Feta +$3
Side Pita +$2



Sesame Tahina
Spicy Shug
Harissa Chili Paste
Mango Amba
Shuk Yogurt Sauce

Weekend Brunch

Available Saturday and Sunday from 10:30am - 3:00pm

In addition to many of our regular menu offerings 


Israeli Breakfast Platter

A traditional breakfast platter; Israeli Salad, Hard Boiled Eggs, Hummus Olives, Pickles, Marinated Feta, Lox, & Pita


Lebanese Omelette

Baked Omelet of Egg, Yukon Potato, Kale, Green Onion, & Herbs with Marinated Green Olive Israeli Salad & Green Tahina (V) (GF)


Shuk Breakfast Sandwich

Egg Bake, Monterey Jack Cheese, Arugula & Harissa on a Pita (V) (GF)

Add a lamb patty $3.5



A Turkish Egg Dish - Two Poached Eggs Nestled in Greek Yogurt and Topped with Garlic Chili Oil (V) (GF) - Served with Pita


Waffle & Berries

Cardamom Waffle topped with Spiced Berry Compote & House Made Whipped Cream (V)

Jerusalem Bagel & Lox $15

House Baked Jerusalem Bagel served with Lox, Labneh Spread & Sliced Olives

Please be aware that our food may contain or come into contact with common allergens, such as Sesame and Tree Nuts - Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or egss may increase your risk of foodborne illnes, especially if you have certain medical conditions.